Moving to Middle TN and seeking to network

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Moving to Middle TN and seeking to network

Postby dolfan » March 28th, 2017, 10:03 am

Hi, y'all --

We are moving to the Murfreesboro area this summer.

My wife was promoted in her company and now works out of Murfreesboro since January 1. (commuting some, but mainly staying overnight there through the week). Relocation was part of the deal, etc.

In any event, I am taking this opportunity to do something other than practice law. Very interested in HR, some sales roles, and other possibilities. I've started submitting resumes last week and I do have one interview assured in a sales job (I know the DM).

There is one particular job I've submitted a resume for and it is in a Christian academy. If you have any contacts in that area in that field (or HR or sales for that matter), and would be willing to help me make a connection with them, please contact me.

My email: law dot Shelton at gmail dot com OR timshelton dot us at gmail dot com

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