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Mind-Set verse Growth and leadership

Postby paul » May 13th, 2013, 10:05 am

Some good discussion lately concerning leadership. I wanted to pose a few question that cross denominational lines.

Here in our area in Southern California and in particular our county of Riverside we have seen several new charismatic and pentecostal in belief curches start up. I have been pleasently surprised at their growth. One in particular is about 6 months old, started with around 30 and now is well over 125 steady. Another is about 5 years old and runs around 400. A few others are a few years old and all rund over 100. ( This is Liberal Calilfornia.) These are not denominational churches.

Most of the denominational churches here have not started up new churches and in fact seem to have decreased in attendance. Foursquare seems to flourish more than most.

Is there a subliminal mindset at work ? and if so what role does it play in growing a church?

Is there a new stragety on how to plant and build a church or does the same old method still work ?

Have some organizations stop working to build a Glorious Church, and are waiting crouched within, for the Lord's return ?

Just a few thoughts
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