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Welcome to Jude 2

Postby admin » January 28th, 2003, 9:40 pm

Jude 2 is a free-wheeling forum for the discussion of Christian issues. Your participation is invited. The name is a bit of a play on words...

Jude verse 2 says "Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance." That well describes three things to which we will aspire. There is, of course no 2nd Chapter of Jude, but Jude was a letter written to the church at a time when the source of danger was not outright persecution and external extinction, but heretics and distorters of the faith once delieverd unto the saints; in a broad sense we are writing "Jude 2" through our defense of truth.

Join the discussions. Express your views. Be prepared to defend them with scripture, not with tradition or subjective experience. Discussions in such forums can get zealous and often passionate and might be best avoided by the faint of heart and thin of skin. Pious, sanctimonious, self-righteous people need not apply.

The forum is loosely Moderated. No profanity or obscenity will be tolerated, but confrontational directness is acceptable within limits to be determined solely by the Moderator. This board is not a democracy, but a benevolent dictatorship, so the decision(s) of the Moderator are not always right, but are final.

If you post a personal photo or original graphic on this board it becomes public domain and Jude2 can and will use it at will.

The Owner/Moderator of Jude2 retains the right to edit or modify your personal profile at will, delete or alter or refuse to allow any image or avatar used, and modify the settings of all profiles.

A modification has been made that gives the Admin the ability to read PM's exchanged between users. I have neither the time nor the inclination to play 007 and try to monitor every PM exchanged, but wanted you to know I can do it if necessary, so I am serving notice to all registered users that their PM's are not necessarily 100% confidential.

The rationale
On another message board there was an incident in which a poster -- a PASTOR who is a married man -- PM'ed a female user and using very graphic language to tell her he masturbates to a fantasy of her. (YUCK.) Some of you may or may not know that a few years ago we had a TERRIBLE problem; a Jude2 user, a former COGOP pastor, was using this board to troll for women he perceived to be vulnerable and available, and he orchestrated clandestine meetings with them. He managed to seduce at least two I know of who later contacted me in hyterics over their stupidity, weakness, and naivete.

I wished then that I had the ability to go back and prove the series of approaches existed, because when confronted with the accusations the man denied it all. The two women were completely credible and gave chillingly similar details of the seduction and betrayal.

In my thinking the ability to go in and see the PM's if necessary could protect me from accusations and possible liability.

Play nice. Have fun. Let the games begin.

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