Anyone out there play racketball?

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Anyone out there play racketball?

Postby johnnyhenderson » October 13th, 2017, 8:02 pm


Bought a very cheap racketball racket from some bloke called Ashley's shop (you know that one that anyone who cares about NUFC refuses to use use when referring to St James's Park).

Anyway no bugger plays it. Why the hell not I wonder? I've played several times with myself (involving the use of a very large bouncy blue ball) - it's a really good workout- but now ready to move on and face some genuine opposition. Worry is though that it's such a minority sport that maybe I'm the only guy in South West London who plays it. Can anyone advise me differently as to active clubs for the sport and no, I don't expect hundreds of replies on this one!)

Please help.


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