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Rob's Top Ten

Postby Rob » October 6th, 2013, 5:10 am

Well guys we have played about 5 weeks still alot of football left to be played but it's time for me to unveil my top ten. Here we go feel free to disagree.

1. Alabama - Sorry Dolfan, I know you don't like this, but this team and Coach Saban, they do not rebuild they reload. I don't know if anyone in the SEC can beat them except maybe Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

2. Oregon - Sorry Paully, But this team is for real. Can't wait to see them play Stanford.

3. Clemson - They look for real, my only concern here is Clemson in the past will end up losing to someone that I'm left scratching my head and wondering how did that happen. Clemson vs. Florida St. game will be a great game

4. Ohio St. - The class of the Big Ten, must keep winning and the teams they beat to keep winning as well.

5. Stanford - The Oregon game will shake one of these two out of the NC discussion

6. Florida St. - Can't wait to see them and Clemson play. That game will shake them and Clemson out of the NC discussion.

7. Georgia - The only SEC team that I think can beat Bama. They must keep winning to see if they can beat Bama.

8. Oklahoma - I'm still not sure how good this team is. But they are undefeated.

9. Texas A&M - Don't think this team will last here but could be the second best team in the SEC West

10. LSU - Tough loss at Georgia, but still a very good team Think they could be the 2nd best team in the SEC west as well.

Now, before you pick it about, someone may wonder why Louisville is not in my top ten. Well, when UK is the toughest team on your schedule and you struggle with them, then the rest of the teams on your schedule you need to be beating like Oregon is beating the teams they play.
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