Alabama v Tennessee predictions

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Alabama v Tennessee predictions

Postby dolfan » October 17th, 2012, 7:07 am

Just for fun.

I think Alabama is prone to let Tennessee hang in games where UT is a substantial underdog. Game is in Knoxville. Team has had adversity, coach is in the press box. But, team is also mad -- maybe in a good way for them. OTOH, Alabama knows it has something to prove yet, and a solid defeat of Tennessee is a real momentum maker heading into the Miss. State and LSU games upcoming. The nature of this rivalry -- unlike Auburn v. Georgia where Auburn fans almost pull up to Sanford Stadium with footwashing buckets -- is intense and full of animosity. In short, anything can happen.

Bottom line: Tennessee has no real ground game, and if Tennessee wins, it has to throw the ball. Bama's pass defense over the course of a full game could frustrate Bray -- who has a tendency to fall apart when he is challenged for a full game. Bama's offense should move the ball sufficiently on the ground, Darrington Sentimore's big mouth notwithstanding (and, thanks Big D for the locker-room motivator for the Tide).

My own prediction: Alabama 34, Tennessee 17, and some of Bama's points come late in the game at that.
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Postby Rob » October 19th, 2012, 2:14 am


Seriously? The score will be whatever Saban wants it to be. Dooley is moving from the field to the press box where is next move will be out of Neylan Stadium!

The Tide win big. 45-10.

Dolfan, quit being a humble Alabama fan, this team could be 3-4 NFL teams.
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