The Twenty Somethings- The Holy Hiatus

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The Twenty Somethings- The Holy Hiatus

Postby Billy n NC » June 10th, 2008, 6:07 am

Believe it or not I still remember things from my 20's. LOL One thing that stands out has been discussed here on J2 several different times and angles.

Ministering to the 20 Something.

I remember shortly after (getting married and moving out parents home) and for several months church attendence was sparidic at best. I remember coming up with excuses etc to not attend church.

I had several choices.

Attend church because I WANTED to.
Attend church out of obligation or expectation.
Attend church because I knew if I did not My MOM would be calling
to see why I didn't. (LOL It could have been tht Meanest Mother of the Year Card I sent her while in college.

I finally decided it was because I wanted to.

Now I am in my early 50's, I have 3 children in there 20's and special occasions is about the most I see them at church.

I try not to pester them but I do use technology. About every Sunday AM around 9:30ish I use my cell phone to send a saved text message to a group I created of all my kids cell phones (including spouses).

Its almost Church Time . Leave now and you will not be late. Love Big Dad.

Sometimes I am surprised. I get a text message saying On Da Way or We are here. :lol:

A magazine I Subscribe to

Church Solutions

has a great article in this months issue.

Bring Back the Young Adults and 20-somethings (The Holy Hiatus)

1st paragraph.

Imagine a typical Sunday morning in the house of four single, unrelated roommates in their 20s. All four grew up in Christian homes, attending church every Sunday with their families. All four graduated from college and have respectable jobs that keep them busy 45-50 hours per week, Monday through Friday. On this morning, the four find themselves doing quite different things. Dizzied and stumbling around, one of them wakes up and begins to nurse a hangover after a night of binge partying. Another leaves to go to his second job, in retail, because his 9-to-5 isn’t quite enough for him to pay off his college debt and pay the rent. The third begins thumbing on an Xbox controller, zoning into a virtual world. The fourth – only the fourth – gets dressed and leaves to go to church. Almost everyone in ministry will agree that there’s something wrong with this picture.

Rest of the article can be found here. ... cle=189102

Actually the subject for this months issue is OUTREACH.

More can be found here .


I can see my children in this article, not in detail but too close. I hope and pray that sometime soon they decide to attend church because they want to and not other reasons.
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Postby KBevangelist » June 13th, 2008, 3:59 am


Thank you for this great insight and the article. It has helped me plot a plan for my 20 somthings here


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