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Live Sports Coverage on the internet

Posted: April 30th, 2005, 8:45 am
by Mole_J
Not sure if anyone is interested and not sure what Sports are covered. But, it is ESPN Star out of Hong Kong, but it is in English. They also have HBO and some other TV stations. Of course you have to have broadband for it work.

I got this from another furom, maybe illegal not sure:

Following this guide will allow you to watch Almost any match shown live around the world, including Saturday 3pm kick offs. Can i just ask that this thread is not closed, as the software IS completely legal, and does not show any English channels at all.

Step 1) Install this piece of software HERE (Coolstreaming)

Step 2) Install this piece of software HERE (VLC Media Player)
Click on your OS.

Step 3) Once the above 2 pieces of software are installed, load up Coolstreaming and wait for a few seconds. You should be given a list of TV and Radio stations. Next to the question mark at the top, there should be an icon with a hand holding some paper. Click that, and in the box that says "application to open asf stream" enter the following:

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe

and click OK.

Step 4) Now it's time to test a channel out to see if it works. Double click "Guangdong Sports" and then double click again, and wait.
IMPORTANT: After a minute or so you may see the video start playing, but very jerky and poor quality. You MUST let the video play for at least 10 minutes for the video to start playing smoothly, so it is advised that you start Playing about 15- 20 mins before kick off.

And that is just about it for free footy, simple as that. Remember, you will not be able to watch a stream with a bitrate that is higher than your internet connection. (ie. you cant watch the 740kbps streams on 512kbps broadband, you must have 1mb or higher.

Another couple of things. Try not to be downloading or using any p2p/torrent software as you are watching as this WILL affect the stream. The reason why this software is getting so popular is that it is effectively peer to peer video streaming. Everyone is uploading video to everyone else, the more people that watch, the better the streams get! This is why you have to give the streams 10 or 15 mins to "kick in" and become smoother

The channel they listed is in Chinese, but click on ESPN and you get English.

I just watched two soccer matches from England and the quality is great. You can watch it full screen and the quality is good, it is watchable but smaller looks like a small TV 8)

This is great for me as I to cheap to pay for ESPN and if you are interested in soccer, I can watch that for free now also (Mostly the British Legues) :)

Posted: February 2nd, 2011, 12:13 am
by samlauncher
hey guys I want daily updates of cricket and highlights plz help!!!

Posted: February 10th, 2011, 6:57 am
by Paully_44
sounds cool, but I have big reservations on having to install an .exe file from China.

Posted: March 20th, 2011, 3:18 pm
by Mole_J
Wow this is a very old thread. hahahaha

I was going to suggest:

but it has been seized by the government. :(