HP Pavilion Entertainment PC issue

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HP Pavilion Entertainment PC issue

Postby johnnyhenderson » October 11th, 2017, 12:04 am

Hi everyone, I seem to be like King Midas but instead I break everything I touch. I have a rough year so far with computers that my first laptop broke, then my desktop, and now my brother's laptop. So, my brother and I have the exact same laptop and we both had it for about 5 years. Mine broke first, basically a GPU issue. And now his seems to not be working as well.

So, it is a fairly old laptop, but it was working perfeclty fine. I was just browsing the internet and all of a suden, it shuts off on its own and will not turn on again. The AC adapter still has its indicating light that it works but pressing the power button does nothing. I have already tried the power drain/hard reset trick and still nothing. I have not tested the RAM or Mobo as of yet since I personally do not know how to take it apart. But I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this issue or if there is another thread I can look at, that would be helpful.

Please help.


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